For parcels: Savanoriu 180B, LT-03154 Vilnius, Lithuania, ALTAS BALTIKOS UAB

For cargo over 30 kg / 68.34 lbs per shipment: UAB, Ugniagesių g. 14, Vilnius, LT-02244, Autoverslo logistika terminalas, for ALTAS BALTIKOS UAB


We accept payment for services rendered by cards, through a payment system, or through PayPal in your account, which is the most suitable option for individuals. Or you can create a Proforma Invoice and make a payment by bank transfer. Upon receipt of the funds we will send the original invoice to for your accounting department with the shipment or by post. For those who face difficulties with the above payment options, we offer payment upon receipt of the goods in Moscow at the warehouse, through our agent, although this payment method will be slightly more expensive, only 3 percent. The personal account displays the amount in EUR for services rendered and the cost of sending your parcel or cargo. The bank's commission and the cost of converting your card's currency into EUR should be checked with your Bank that issued the card or will make the payment.

Payment is made as follows:

You make a purchase in the European Union
You send the goods to our warehouse in Vilnius or ask us to deliver the order
We store the goods and wait for the accumulation/consolidation of the consignment according to your instructions shared with us in your account
If necessary, we render paid services (see the paid services section)
A package for sending is made up in your account
In your personal account, the final amount is formed for all work performed and delivery
After choosing the delivery method you pay for the package using one of the proposed options

Payment происходит следующим образом:

  1. Вы совершаете покупку в США

  2. Отправляете товар к нам на склад

  3. Мы храним товар и ждем накопления/ консолидации партии товара согласно ваших инструкций, переданных нам в личном кабиnoе

  4. При необходимости мы выполняем платные услуги (cm. раздел платные услуги)

  5. В личном кабиnoе формируется посылка для fromправки

  6. В личном кабиnoе формируется финальная сумма за все выполненные рабfromы и доставку

  7. Оплачиваете посылку одним из предложенных способов.

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