For parcels: Savanoriu 180B, LT-03154 Vilnius, Lithuania, ALTAS BALTIKOS UAB

For cargo over 30 kg / 68.34 lbs per shipment: UAB, Ugniagesių g. 14, Vilnius, LT-02244, Autoverslo logistika terminalas, for ALTAS BALTIKOS UAB


The organization of delivery of your shipments is one of the most important, one might say, key element in our work. After the shipment is collected, packed and prepared for transportation, you choose the delivery methods available in your personal account, depending on your preferences. Depending on your choice, terms, time and cost of delivery will be different. 

Delivery options in the country of importation, on the example of the Russian Federation, can be different:

Once again, we draw your attention to the fact that the shipping costs listed on our website are given as a guideline for the cost of delivery to our warehouses in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Delivery to your destination must be calculated individually.

More information is available on the following pages:

Delivery of goods and parcels to Russia

Delivery of goods from Europe across the world.

Delivery process for international parcel shipments
looks like the following:

You make a purchase in the European Union
Send it to our warehouse
We store the goods and wait for the accumulation/consolidation of the consignment according to your instructions shared with us in your account
If necessary, we render paid services (see the paid services section)
A package for sending is made up in your account
In your personal account, the final amount is formed for all work performed and delivery
After choosing the delivery method you pay for the package using one of the proposed options
We hand over your parcel to your selected courier or postal service
You receive tracking number to track your shipment
A courier delivers your parcel to your home or you pick it up at the PUP

Процесс доставки при международных fromправках посылки выглядит следующим образом: 

  1. Вы совершаете покупку в США

  2. Отправляете товар к нам на склад

  3. Мы храним товар и ждем накопления/ консолидации партии товара согласно ваших инструкций, переданных нам в личном кабиnoе

  4. При необходимости мы выполняем платные услуги (cm. раздел платные услуги)

  5. В личном кабиnoе формируется посылка для fromправки 

  6. В личном кабиnoе формируется финальная сумма за все выполненные рабfromы и доставку

  7. Оплачиваете посылку одним из предложенных способов, предварительно выбрав способ доставки.

  8. Мы передаем Вашу посылку в выбранную вами курьерскую or почтовую службу

  9. Вы получаете tracking number для fromслеживания своего fromправления

  10. Курьер доставляет Вам посылку домой or Вы получаете fromправку в ПВЗ.

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